Join Nutrition Coaching 4U’s 6-Week Weight Loss Course

This 6-week Course is for you if:

  • You are ready to lose weight.
  • You need support controlling blood sugar.
  • You are wanting a science-backed program with new ideas.
  • You want to learn to eat mindfully.
  • You want to create easy, healthy meals.

What: For just $47, you can join the weekly virtual classes from your home and choose to make changes at your own pace. Weekly classess will be recorded, so you never miss one. You will be invited to join a private Nutrition Coaching 4U Facebook group for additional support.


Cost is just $47 for all 6-weeks.

Here is what you will learn over the 6-weeks when you join the weight loss challenge webinar series

How to Prepare for Success

Learn how to manage your expectations, mindset and environment to get you started on the path to your success.

Making Your Calories Count

Identify how to eat in a balanced way that supports your goals. Understand what to look for on a food label and how build a better meal.

Mindful Eating without Restrictive Dieting

Learn mindfulness to stay in the present moment without judgement and bring more enjoyment to your food. Become aware of hunger cues and emotional cues with activities to strengthen your relationship with food.

Handling Stress and Food

Stress happens. How does it change our eating behaviors? Learn some coping mechanisms that you can use in times of stress to keep you on track.

Physical Activity

Understand the role of physical activity in weight loss and weight maintenance. Find movements that can bring joy.

Meal and Snack Planning

Pull all the information together and plan better-for-you meals and snacks. Some sample recipes are provided.

About Me

Hi, I’m Joni! I am the registered, licensed dietitian nutritionist behind NutritionCoaching4U. I help you make simple positive choices to bring lasting change to your life. Nutrition Coaching 4U brings me professional happiness creating a culture where people can thrive. My goal is to make healthy living simple.