1:1 Nutrition Coaching

1:1 Nutrition Coaching is right for you if you need support or guidance for losing weight, have nutritional needs that have changed, or want the right combination of calories, macronutrients, vitamins and more to be healthier.

Here’s What to Expect:

First Visit

Get to know your dietitian. Your dietitian will understand your weight loss goals, history, preferences and lifestyle choices to find an approach that is uniquely designed for you.

Second visit

Get a customized nutrition plan from your dietitian that is created just for you taking into account your goals, food preferences, nutrient needs, kitchen equipment, knowledge and more. You will get the recipes, when and what to prep for the meal, shopping lists and everything you need to see success!

Third visit

Build healthier habits with dietitian support. Keep taking steps towards your goal. Customize your meal plan further with thousands of dietitian-approved recipes. Continue to save time and money with automated grocery lists made to reduce food waste.

Future visits

See Results and Celebrate the Journey- Check-in with your dietitian to adapt your plan based on progress or changing needs. Celebrate victories!

Nutrition Coaching 4U focuses on:

  • Prioritizing a balanced eating pattern and a positive relationship with food
  • Everyday habits like food, physical activity, sleep, and handling of stress
  • Helping you form healthier eating habits that last
  • Personalized recipes and meal plans backed by dietitians


Single Session

Understand your needs and points you in a positive direction with actionable items to work on.

1-Month Intensive

(4) 1:1 Sessions with a dietitian, 1-month unique customizable meal plan personalized for you.

3-Month Intensive

(7) 1:1 Sessions with a dietitian, 3-month unique customizable meal plan personalized to help you hit a goal. Daily email support as needed.

6-Month Intensive

(10) 1:1 Sessions with a dietitian, 6-month unique customizable meal plan personalized to help you hit a goal. Includes daily email support as needed.